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Teabag Paper 12"x99" (30cmx251cm)

Teabag paper is AWESOME for art making. It holds up well to washing and is extremely versatile. Use it to create Cyanoypes, ink washes, watercolours, acrylics etc. Add as a layer in your resin or encaustic work. Super thin and delicate yet won't break down! This paper comes as one length so you can cut it up into your own sizes for use. Width is 12" and 99" long and wrapped around  9"x12" cardboard 

Teabag Paper 12"x99" (30cmx251cm)

    • ✅ Lightweight and Acid Free: This Ultra thin paper won't yellow or break down over time making it perfect to use in all your mixed media artwork. 
    • ✅ Wet-Strength: Stronger than tissue paper. Withstands wet techniques with multiple mediums and even Cyanotype washing 
    • ✅ Paper Type: Semi-Transulcent, soft and fabric like that will allow for transparent layers in Collage work. Add a layer of acrylic or PVA glue to give it an opaque layer and to prevent bleed 
    • ✅ Paper Size: One 12"x99" long roll (equivalent of 11 sheets of 9"x12") allowing you to cut to desired working size. 
    • ✅ Multi Media: Great with alcohol inks, acrylic inks, pan pastel, acrylic paint, gouche and more! 
    • ✅ Multi Use: Perfect for Collage layering, Printmaking, Encaustic and to create dimensional textures 
    • ✅ Ironable: Iron out unwanted wrinkles on a low heat setting 
    • ✅ Textures: Use it flat and smooth or scrunch it up for added texture
    • ✅ Printable: Print images onto this paper before incorporating into your artwork. (Ensure paper is taped flat and smooth onto a carrier sheet. Care must be taken for effective results and to avoid printer jams)
    • ✅ Tearable: Wet strong but will tear evenly in one direction (lengthwise)
  • Please note: Teabag orders are shipped out once every 10 days. Please allow additional 1-2 weeks after your order is fullfilled. International orders to Europe may take up to 5 weeks. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking # once your order is shipped. 

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