Welcome to my website. 

I've been an artist entrepreneur for many years and have turned my passion into a full time online business. I've been creative all my life and always knew I wanted to earn a living from it.

I ran my own mural/design company for over a decade in which I travelled across my province of Ontario designing and painting mascots & logos for schools on walls and vinyl crash mats. After tiring of the constant travel I looked into ways of transitioning my creativity to generate income online so I could stay at home.

As a self taught artist I embarked on the journey of growing my social media platform (Instagram) to share my art and ideas with those who were interested. I have since sold my art worldwide, taught online and become a published author. My book The Ultimate Fluid Pouring & Painting Book is available worldwide in stores and online. 

It is my goal to share my knowledge with you through my own online art courses and (coming soon) The Artist Entrepreneur Program, so you too can successfully build your online community and business.